7 Lessons in Marriage on our 7th Year Anniversary

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Wedding Reception: Ramon Magsasay Bldg Manila

wedding picture reception ramon magsaysay

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Malate Church: Our Lady of Remedies Parish

It’s been 7 years but it feels like yesterday. I must say despite the challenges the we experienced and we are experiencing,  I feel blessed and in an awe to God for allowing me to experience a wonderful marriage.

Today is our 7th year annivesary and allow me to share with you 7 Lessons I learned in our Marriage.

1. Prioritize to serve God as a couple. Talk to couples who are married longer than yours and serving together as well.

2. Pray together in the morning and evening. Assign who will lead the prayer in the morning or evening.
3. Understand and serve each others love language
4. Saying i love you, Hugs and kissess everyday is a must. Not just 3 times but 100times… As many as you can.
5. Forgive easily. Laugh at each others mistake.
6. Honor your spouse everyday
7. Learn and experience new things together. Don’t be afraid to do crazy things.

Feel free to send me a message if you have questions. We can all learn together by sharing our experiences.

God bless your Marriage!


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