In Serving Rehabilitation Centers… who is really giving?

We may think we have nothing to gain,

We may think that we are the one giving,

We are the hero

Sometimes we don't want it because it's not easy and scary

because these people are the one's who once made a mistake and went to jail

Sometimes we don't want it because it's physically tiring

Sometimes we don't like it because we feel unworthy to share spirituality with them ...because we are also broken

Sometimes we don't want it because it's taking our time to do work or business, to be with our family, to travel and do personal things...

But how come when you get out their place our love tank is full love, mercy, compassion, and gratefulness

How come our work or business is flourishing?

How come the right people come to help us in the area that we really really need, even if we are not looking?

How come we become a better person with our family,relatives,workmates,staff,clients,&business partners

Now, Who was the one really giving?

Who was really gaining?

Who was really transformed?

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