I wanted to Speak about Real Estate, not my life

Last August 14-17 2013 I attended Bro Bo Sanchez Speaker’s Bootcamp. I have clear intension, i wanted to become a better speaker and give the best that i can for the OFW in Qatar who invited me to speak about real estate next year 2014.  I will give a talk to almost 300 OFW.   I have given talks to small group 10-20 people but not this big crowd.  I had the experience of speaking in 300-500 people but sort of an interview on what i am doing in my business at the Wealth Summit last March.  This speaker’s bootcamp is one of my preparation

At the bootcamp we were given the chance to speak for 7 minutes. Of course, my topic is about real estate. Then i gave my 7 minutes speech,  talkative as i am, i was not able to finish all the messages that i wanted to say. Then i went down the stage with the applause from the group then they said… “Maves you can give an Inspirational talk”.. “Maves your life story is great it can inspire people” then i replied laughing ” My talk is about real estate not my life…”

God has better plans Bro George Gabriel and Bo Sanchez asked me to share my life. Last Sept 1 I spoke not only to 300 people, not 5000 but to more than 10,000 attendees of Feast PICC

maves angeles picc


Not only that Feast Cebu and Feast Sucat Invited me to share

maves angeles feast cebu



Today, I am offering my self to share to others. If 10,000 people were blessed by my sharing and so the world.

I didnt realize that my life is a story of real estate that can inspire people not until i’ve seen people were blessed when i speak.

Weeks have passed and i still receive messages like ” Maves thank you for your sharing, because of that i renewed my real estate broker’s license.

People are moved and act with direction. I thanked the Lord for using me.


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