I wanted to Change Career I want to do Real Estate

“I wanted to Change Career I want to do Real Estate”

Whenever i hear this, i always ask my self how did i start? I started doing the real estate on a part time job. I do this on weekends, i update my listings online and accompany clients for viewing.

I did not SHIFT career immediately. I understood that in real estate sales is not everyday and income is in commission basis, by productivity. For some cases even if you already made a sale you cannot get all your commissions because the term of the buyer is installment , you have to wait that buyers will accumulate the 15-30% of the contract price before you can get your fees.

Now how long does it takes to earn in real estate. Let me give you scenarios

If you enter as a real estate agent or salesperson (legal term now) to developers they will give you allowance at the rate of 5,000 pesos every month for 3 months only. If you do not make a sale in 3 months allowance will go away and you will be kicked off.

If you do buy and sell of properties the earliest turnaround time is 6 months before you get your income, this includes the docu mentation.  Then, If you do build and sell earliest is 12 months.

Again this is just my own conservative timelines in doing real estate.

I agree to the developers of giving 3 months allowance to make a sale for their agents/real estate brokers  after that, they will not give allowance to the hire salesperson. I believe that 90days (3months) of focused work should produce a sale otherwise that person did not seriously follow the basics on how to make a sale.

Lastly, you cannot just change career because you are bored or not happy with your job. Real Estate is an alternative but not necessarily the solution.

” Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for it.” –Katharine Whitehorn

This is my life. Building and Selling Properties worth living in.

construction shefa model

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