I hate it before but now i love it – Citibank Premier Credit Card Use it Wisely

I used to hate having credit card. I had 5 credit cards before and all maxed out.

Thanked God for financial literacy for almost 2 years i paid my credit card and from then on started hating it that includes Citibank.

Upto this date of writing i dont have credit cards only debit card. Fortunately, my husband have one and for all our online transactions we only use 1 – Citibank premier miles as per our mentor’s advise.

Now I understand why he recommended it as we are starting our journey to travel abroad.

In photos below we are going to Singapore and conveniently waiting at Naia 3 Sky Lounge one of the perks as Premier card holder. (International travel only)

Free Food and Drinks

Comfortable couches where you can sleep 🙂  or Read books,magazines or news papers. As for me i slept because it’3am

Comfort Room and Shower Area.

Credit Card can be your enemy or best friend. For us we are enjoying the perks as holder. Zero out balance every month gives us security that we are not paying any surcharge or finance charge.

On top of this, for all transactions made we accumulated miles that will allow us to travel to for FREE

I used to hate it, now i am loving it because im using it the right way … credit card.

Check how you can also have Citibank Premier Miles email: rightcreditph@gmail.com

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