Cosmopolitan Magazine 2013 Maves Angeles Model?

COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE 2013 Maves Angeles Model?  It was around 6:00pm when my phone rang, I picked it up and somebody said “Is this Maves Angeles?” Yes why? You were referred by Ms Bunny De Leon, we are from Cosmopolitan Magazine. Are you available for an interview tomorrow morning? In my mind wow too aggressive. this lady wanted to get a schedule the next day and it was already evening… Anyway, since bunny is a friend i gave her a chance to prove her self hahah… (this is an exaggeration) The truth is I dont know what is cosmopolitan magazine so with grace I told the lady ” Tomorrow is too tight for me can we set it another date” But she replied “Ma’am please we need the story this week because we have to release it by October” Then i said “wait lang ano ba yung cosmopolitan magazine” … i really dont know what it is all about and im not sure if i’ve seen that. the answer that got me in “Mam Cosmopolitan Magazine is the number 1 women magazine in the world” Then i said Owww…ok what time tomorrow?…

Maves Angeles Cosmopolitan Magazine October 2013

Maves Angeles Cosmopolitan Magazine
October 2013

My very first printed magazine exposure. I was so speechless to see my picture because i didnt recognize my self haha. But God is like that He will transform our lives far better than what we were yesterday. Submit to Him and Let Him be glorified in everything that you do. “Matthew 6:33 Seek First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”

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