35 Life Lessons of a Real Estate Entrepreneur. You will all agree on the 35th.

Today is my 35th birthday. I am giving you this very special gift from the bottom of my heart. May you all be blessed. Feast attendees will like #26.
1. Work on your spiritual maturity. Serve your community serve your church.
2. Shaming will not make you a better than the other person, it’s the opposite.
3. Be friendly but no need to conform with every body.
4. Be your most true self. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not.
5. Be happy with other people’s achievements. Learn from them.
6. Humility is Respect in other form.
7. Make ” Thank You” be your default response
8. Forgive easily & Choose to love
9. Always speak from the heart
10. No need to be the most intelligent person the room but make sure to be the most loving one
11. Marry the love of your life, your best friend. Serve God together as husband and wife
12. Be deliberate on things you want to learn
13. Make decisions as fast as you can . Faily Quickly. Learn Fast.
14. Do work on knowing your heart’s desire. 20% The HOW will always follow. 80% of the Pareto Principle applied in achieving your dreams. They do come true.
15. Talk to the oldest person in the room
16. Always look for a role model
17. Business and Charity is different.
18. Make a decision to be healthy.
19. Protect yourself from energy vampires. Surround yourself with people who have happy disposition in life.
20. Choose to be kind than to be right
21. Listen to teachers and parents. They both want to teach you life lessons.
22. Not because other people have it you should also own it.
23. Read/Hear books as much as you can
24. Use your pain to help others and to know your passion and purpose.
25. Choose to talk about good things and life learning in life with friends and family
26. Invite every people you meet to attend the FEAST wherever they are.
27. Write your experiences and learning. You do not know how many people are being blessed by your stories and life lessons.
28. Teach others how to catch fish instead of just giving them.
29. Treat other people as we are all children of God. In that way, you will not feel intimidated.
30. People have different stories that can help you grow. Ask other people’s stories.
31. Love is absolute.
32. We are all sinners and only in receiving God’s forgiveness that we can accept other people’s weaknesses
33. Wisdom doesn’t come from physical aging … but on your spiritual maturity.
34. True joy comes from true peace from our True God.
35. You can retire through real estate investment.
Together Let’s Conspire & Inspire to Make all our Dreams Come True for the Glory of God.

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